Couture Counseling

So recently I have lost a lot of weight, I have lost over 50lbs. I am so super excited about this accomplishment. I decided to treat myself I start updating my wardrobe. I went to the mall, the boutiques and the consignment shops to find new and interesting pieces. I ended up spending quite a bit, but I felt as though it was worth it, seeing, as I haven’t bought any new clothes in over a year.
I arrived home with the bags in tote, and laid them on the bed to sort through them all. As I was trying to find hangers, I realized that my closet was so over stuffed. I decided that it would be a good idea to throw some things away. So I tried on what seemed to be hundreds of pieces and I had three piles: keepers, menders and throw-a-ways.
As I was finishing up I saw that the trash bag of clothes that I was throwing away was very big, but I didn’t think anything of it as I placed it outside so my dad would know that I wanted it to go with the trash. It was actually my sister who suggested I donate the clothes to charity, since most of them were still in good shape.
I contacted a local shelter and took the clothes over there. I arrived there and I decided to look around since I had never been there before. I found a young man who was on his way to a job interview, but he sadly looked a mess. I offered to dress him in some of my old clothes. He ended up look amazing.
I could see in his face, that he felt good about himself and wasn’t as nervous about the interview as he was before. I don’t know if it was really the clothes that made him feel better or me hanging out with him, but he was so much happier to know that I cared. A new outfit can change how you and sometimes put a smile on your face.
I encourage all of you, that are able, to give some clothes to charity. It will not only help other but I will make you feel better.


~ by Semaj Foxx on February 24, 2009.

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