What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

There are many that toil over what they should wear for the big Thanksgiving feast and those that don’t toil, you probably should be. This is the big sit down dinner, with a lot of friends and family coming over and you are probably eating it in the formal dinning are; so yes THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!

Classic mid-thight length sweater with belt

Classic mid-thigh length sweater with belt

There are two things that you will want to consider when planning that Thanksgiving look: form and function. Because everyone will see you in this outfit and you will be taking pictures in this out fit. Those pictures are going to be shared with numerous people, some of which you probably won’t know. And last but perhaps most importantly, you will have to eat wearing this outfit. You are going to be in this look for the better part of four to six hour and you might even take a nap in the look depending on the cook.

Sweater paired with Military inspired jacket and jeans

Sweater paired with Military inspired jacket and jeans

For form you want to ask a few question. What is the over all theme of the look? What is the cut of the piece? How do I look in it? How will other people perceive me in the look?

For form consider: What will you be doing in the look? How long are you going to be in the look? Who will see the look?

Since it is fall and temperature will also be a concern, I would go for a sweater. The classic sweater, worn not-so-classically can really look good. It is a comfortable piece and fits the style of many different people. Always remember that good design is always in style.

This is a beautiful sweater look that will work for many body types

This is a beautiful sweater look that will work for many body types

But please don’t wear that sweater that look tattered, worn out and out of shape. It looks a sloppy and makes you look as if you didn’t even care about what you looked like at Thanksgiving dinner, and yes people will notice.

How you wear your sweater is an entirely personal experience that will always reflect your style and tastes. Please remember layering is key. Ladies might opt for the v-neck cut and pair with with a classic white shirt and high waisted pant. Males can try the with a blazer and jeans. It really all looks good.

This is the College way to wear a sweater

This is the College way to wear a sweater

How ever you choose to wear you sweater this Thanksgiving be sure that you wear it well and it is you. Because at the end of the day you have to feel comfortable in the look. So have fun and try out a few thing but make sure that you are the so fierce in the process.

With Love, with Style

Semaj Foxx


~ by Semaj Foxx on November 26, 2008.

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